My name is Joshua Lindsey. I attended Master’s Baptist College in Fargo, north Dakota as an Undergraduate student from fall 2011 until I graduated as the valedictorian in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies in Missions.

Shortly before my graduation I became employed full time by Master’s Baptist College and Fargo Baptist Church, where I serve jointly as the administrative assistant at the college and the operations manager of the Heaven 88.7 radio station.

Check out Master’s Baptist College at http://mastersbaptistcollege.com
Check out Fargo Baptist Church at http://fargobaptist.org
Check out Heaven 88.7 at http://kfbn.org or download the app in the Android and Apple app stores
Check out my new ministry site at http://readytoharvest.com

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  1. Hi, Joshua. my name is Katie. I go to church at OBT in Ottumwa IA. We have meet a couple of times. You know my brother Adam. I have been looking into Masters Baptist College. I cant wait to come visit the college. Thanks for the blog!!!!! Nice to know there is other christian young people out there. We are praying for your and your family!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for commenting! I am excited to hear you are looking into Masters! It really is wonderful here. I don’t post enough here on my blog, real life is busy some times! Thanks for your prayers. It is so wonderful to hear about people praying for you and you don’t even know it!

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