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How to know God’s Will

I took some time to respond to an inquiry from a radio listener about God’s will this morning and thought that perhaps my response could be useful in some way to any readers. Feel free to critique as well.   God’s Will By Joshua Lindsey 7/11/2017 When we face a decision, we need to seek…

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Some Rather Creative Sentences

My sister Amber and I had some fun while visiting our Grandma Thelma in the nursing home. We took the tiles form a game called Bananagrams and started making sentences form scratch. We shared the tiles, so stuff got kind of creative!

Heaven 88.7 Radio and Me

In May of this year, I became the Operations Manager at Heaven 88.7 Radio. I have since been spending a lot of time on the job doing radio programming, but also I have ended up going out to the physical site location of our tower where the 100,000 watt signal is broadcast. The first time…

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Two new websites

It was about time for me to update my web presence, so here we are! My home page had been at for more than five years now, and it needed an update. I have owned for quite a while, and I have made the switch. My new homepage is, but will still…

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Updated the MBC main post

I just updated my most popular post here, Are you interested in attending Master’s Baptist College? Feel free to check it out. It is up to date, unlike most of this blog, which I have let slip with other responsibilities. Tsk!